To the Reader:

This site is home to personal projects created by me. Who is this “me” I speak of? He is a student with very little time (hence the lack of posts) who enjoys working with computers, especially Linux and Blender 3D.

If you have not guessed yet, this site contains, or should contain, articles about what I’ve done with or to my computer. I might even post a tutorial or two if I feel like it.  Though I do not claim to be correct in any instance, I hope I can bring some fresh ideas to the table. May the nerd in me inspire the somewhat more normal person in you.

I hope you enjoy this journey into my somewhat simple mind. If you like what you see, want to voice your opinion, or make a correction to my publications,  leave a comment. Heck! Leave two comments if you want. If you would like to contact me directly, use the contact page.

Best wishes to you and yours.




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